Medical and Intimate Aids for Women

Our assortment includes the following gynecological products: Non-hormonal contraception: cervical caps and vaginal diaphragms, contraceptive gels, menstrual cups, vaginal dilators and gels.


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Caya diaphragm

This vaginal diaphragm is a non-hormonal barrier contraceptive for women.


This cervical cap is a non-hormonal barrier contraceptive for women.


FemmyCycle menstrual cup is a great alternative to pads and tampons.

Vagiwell dilators

Silicone vaginal dilators are used to relax the vaginal muscles.

Caya diaphragm gel

Caya contraceptive gel is intended to be used with the cervical Caya diaphragm.

Contragel Green

It is a natural contraceptive gel, ideally used with FemCap or a condom.


Hyalofemme is a vaginal gel for the recovery of dry vaginal mucosa with hyaluronic acid.

Premeno DUO

Vaginal globules with hyaluronic acid and lactic acid.

About us

Forlady Pharma s.r.o. is a private company that deals with import, distribution and promotion of medical devices in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Our portfolio includes primarily gynecological products for women. For more information about our products, visit

We cooperate with eminent foreign and domestic partners. We are the sole distributor of American company FEMCAP Inc., which produces the cervical cap FemCap and the menstrual cup FemmyCycle. We also exclusively represent the German company KESSEL medintim GmbH, which produces the vaginal Caya diaphragm, contraceptive gel Contragel Green and vaginal dilators Vagiwell.
For our business partners we provide complete service in logistics, registration and other administration processes, such as representation in proceedings with the key institutions like the Ministry of Health and the State Institute for Drug Control.